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About Dr. Shridhar Chiplunkar


Anatomy of human body always fascinated  Dr Shridhar. He had a firm belief that invasive treatments being deployed by most in the industry were being used in cases where it was hardly required. Therefore, Doctor developed his own style of treatment through unique concept of making people aware about body posture and educating the patients which can help to heal themselves. He teaches body ergonomics in order to prevent further progression of ailments causing discomfort and pain. He has developed easy to do exercises without support of anyone and can be easily be done at home. They can be done in house hold setup or even on the bed. He has developed exercises in the fashion that they do not give any pain or discomfort and can be easily done at workspace as well. Dr. Shridhar has designed these treatments in such a way that once patient is cured he is supposed to perform the same exercises which will take not more than 5 Minutes in his day to day life. These exercises help people prevent further deterioration, and improve quality of life. They also help in healing the body after major surgeries to improve and get back to life in minimum time. 


Dr. Shridhar has treated more than 45,000 patients till date and successfully avoided more than 28,000 surgeries. More than 800 athletes are taking his consultation for improving their performance and to avoid body ailments thus keeping them fit to give their best. He consults in Mumbai and in Pune. Dr. Shridhar is working in this speciality since 1997. He was felicitated by the PUNYA GAURAV PURASKAR award for outstanding work in the field of medicine. He is the pioneer in the treatment of SCOLIOSIS CORRECTION with simple exercises and custom made thoraco-lumber bracing techniques to correct SCOLIOSIS up to 95% without any surgical procedure. 


Being empathetic to the patients; pain, understanding the structural, mechanical issues and chemical workings of the body and wanting do find a lasting solution for patients; problems are the tenets Dr. Shridhar has built his professional practice on.

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